Adventure flying

Adventure flying

The flying career of a wandering private pilot

After obtaining a Private Pilots’s Licence in 2005, I decided that it must be possible to use this new skill for more than occasional local flights for a cup of tea. With very little experience, and a similar amount of guidance, I set off to see what adventures could be had. It soon became clear that a number of other private pilots had the same ideas, although making up a tiny fraction of the overall pilot population. What was missing was shared information on their experiences, the tips and tricks that ease this kind of endeavor. Hence, this website: to chronicle my adventures, and hopefully provide helpful information and advice to those wishing to do the same thing.

The site is intended to offer ideas, tips and tricks for other pilots who are keen to make similar trips. I also keep it as a way to chronicle these experiences for my own enjoyment.

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Round the World

The flight around the world started in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 6th 2019. The route has taken me across the Atlantic to the UK, through Europe, the Middle East and India into Southeast Asia, and onward to Australia and New Zealand. It will continue across the Pacific to the USA to complete the circle.

The flight so far:

  • On date: 11th April 2022
  • Location: Maitland, NSW, Australia
  • Hours flown: 477
  • Distance flown: 59,446 miles (95,668 km)
  • Countries visited: 30
  • Airports visited: 412

The write-up, day by day:

The flight is being used as an opportunity to direct support to the charity “African Promise“, an organisation dedicated to supporting and enhancing primary education in Kenya. African Promise currently works with 7 target schools in Kenya, serving around 2,700 children. Over the 10 years they have been running so far they have upgraded 75 class-rooms, supplied more than 15,000 text books, and provided more than 1.5 million school meals. Their building and redevelopment programme includes the construction of classrooms, libraries, resource/computer labs, dining halls and kitchens, staff-rooms and offices, teacher housing, and toilets/washrooms. They also create playground areas, install rainwater harvesting facilities, and provide furniture and equipment.

100% of donated funds go directly to African Promise; none are used for the flight.

Click here to donate to African Promise.

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