Round the World

Round the World

Since before I even earned my pilot’s license back in 2005, I had dreams of making two epic flights. I was lucky enough to carry out the first, to fly from Europe to the southern tip of Africa, in 2013 on the “Flight for Every Mother“. A flight around the world is in many ways an even bigger challenge to organise but finally it is within reach.

Departing from Pittsburgh, the route will take me across the Atlantic to the UK and Europe, through the Middle East and India into Southeast Asia, onwards to Australia and New Zealand and then across the Pacific to the USA to complete the circle.

While the flight is self-funded, and the reason behind it is my long term dream, a flight like this offers certain opportunities for publicity. My intention is to use these opportunities in order to raise awareness of, and raise money for, the charity African Promise. This charity is dedicated to the promotion of education in rural Kenya, working to rebuild primary schools, funding the salaries of teachers, providing school lunches for the children who attend, and other work that makes a real difference to the long term well-being of the area.

Click here to donate to African Promise.

The flight is grateful for the support provided by the following companies and organisations.

General Aviation Support Egypt (GASE are a flight support company, originally founded in Cairo to assist pilots flying through Egypt. Now based out of the UK and Dubai, they provide top quality, great value flight support to general aviation flights all around the world.

GASE offer all kinds of flight support services including provision of overflight and landing permits, arrangement of handling, fuel, and accommodation, and even in-flight real time support with weather data, and a whole host more. Run by Eddie and Ahmed, I have worked with them on several adventurous flights in the past, and this will be our biggest yet!

Avionics Source has kindly supported the trip through provision of an Avidyne 540 GPS at a great price, as well as donating worldwide navigation data to drive it. I haven’t found any better place yet for great deals on avionics, and stellar customer service and support! Communications are always fast and efficient, and they’ve always gone out of their way to figure out the best way to provide what I’ve needed to keep the aircraft in top shape.

Below is a listing of the pages covering the preparation for the flight. This will be updated regularly as departure draws near, and once the time comes will also link to the write-up of the trip as it progresses.