Spotter photographs

Spotter photographs

Plane spotters seem to be a worldwide phenomenon. I often find pictures online that have been taken by these intrepid photographers, sometimes in the most unexpected of places.

Taking off from Panshanger on my aircraft checkout in the Maule, from the Egypt trip.

At Nairobi Wilson airport, during the Flight for Every Mother in 2013

N98887 at the 2D7 fly-in in 2016

At Oshkosh in 2016
N98887 at Sedona

At Vancouver International, on the way to Alaska in 2018

Parked at Carlisle on the flight around the world.
Departing Rotterdam, on the flight around the world
Parked in Bang Phra, Thailand, during the flight around the world
Departing Birdsville, Australia
At Narromine, Australia
At Maitland, New South Wales, Australia in early 2020
Departing Auckland International in February 2020

At Paraparaumu airport, New Zealand

At the Golden Bay Flying Club in Takaka (photos by GBFC)

Parked up at Ardmore Airport, New Zealand
On display at the New Zealand Warbirds Open Day in March 2020.

N9953H undergoing annual inspection in mid-2020, by Oceania Aviation and Frontier Aircraft Services NZ

At Ardmore Airport, New Zealand

Parked in Nelson, New Zealand

Arriving in Wellington, New Zealand

Photographed during a weekend trip to Wellington, New Zealand

Arrival at Sydney International Airport. Photographs by Grahame Hutchison.

A short visit to Perth International in Western Australia. Photographs by Richard Kreider.

Under cover at Luskintyre airfield, waiting on engine work to be completed. Photo by Les Morgan.