Flight Support

Flight planning

Destination information


  • SkyDemon – a VFR-focused EFB software, with great coverage of Europe as well as Turkey and some of Africa.
  • AvPlan – Australia and New Zealand focused EFB, also supports USA.
  • OzRunways – Australia and New Zealand focused EFB.
  • Garmin Pilot – EFB with a full selection of IFR and VFR information, and good international coverage.
  • Foreflight – Apple-only EFB with a full selection of IFR and VFR information, and good international coverage.


  • – worldwide weather info including winds, cloud bases, precipitation
  • – TAFs and METARs delivered via Garmin InReach

Training and Survival

Aircraft equipment and pilot supplies

  • AvionicsSource – Excellent store for purchase of all kinds of avionics
  • Aircraft Spruce North America – wide variety of aviation equipment, both pilot supplies and aircraft parts/tools
  • Aircraft Spruce Europe – as above, but for Europe
  • Garmin inReach – Satellite communicator that works worldwide
  • FlyingBoats – converter that displays AIS marine traffic in Foreflight. Great for ocean crossings.
  • Northpoint – STC holders for popular XP470 (previously PPonk) engine for the Cessna 182
  • Knots2U – Aftermarket, improved aircraft and airframe parts, often composite.
  • Stene Aviation – STOL kits, composite airframe parts, and LED wingtips
  • Flint Aero – Auxiliary wing tip tanks for Cessnas
  • Bruce’s Custom Covers – A huge variety of high quality, custom aircraft covers, plugs and more
  • Affordable Aviation – vent plugs for a wide variety of GA aircraft to keep out water and bugs
  • Winslow Life Rafts – my preferred life raft brand
  • Switlik – excellent aviation life jackets
  • HEED 3 – emergency air bottle for ditching scenarios
  • The Claw – my preferred tie-down system
  • Liquid Containment Bag – flexible fuel container for AVGAS from Airframes Alaska
  • Turtle-Pac – flexible ferry fuel tanks in various capacities


  • Savvy Aviation – Professional maintenance management, consulting, 24 hour breakdown support and engine data analysis.

Aviation discussion forums

  • Pilots of America – US-centric, and very active, flying forum.
  • Flyer Forums – UK based, UK & EU centric forum, mostly VFR kind of flying.
  • Beechtalk – Not just for Beech products, this is a hugely active and knowledgeable GA forum.
  • EuroGA – IFR-focused, EU themed forum, with a lot of international knowledge.
  • AvCanada – Not as active as the others, but with good Canada info.


  • Wise – low-fee, online service for transferring money internationally, also offering a low-fee multi-currency debit card.
  • Midpoint – low-fee, online service for transferring money internationally, with superb customer service.